theclassyissue: trying to be (Stardust and sequins)

The voice of the sea speaks to the soul.

Beach Quote Art Print - Inspirational Aqua Tan Beach House Home Decor Wall Art Photograph Photo The Voice Of The Sea Speaks To The.


Speak english, kiss french, dress italian, spend arab and party caribbean!

'We stay chill' . I'd love to live in a place where this is the mantra



imgfave - amazing and inspiring images

I love books, I love photography. I love this picture, I love this quote, I love the black and white. excuse me why I die of overload of love


Can't wait for this part in mockingjay part 2 but it worried me that they are thinking of making a movie and making up an epilogue so this part might not make it and thy will totally mess EVERYTHING UP!


Smile your own beautiful smile. Don't forget to be happy. you deserve to be happy. Not a fake happy. But truly happy. True happiness, and not fake happiness.