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Weronika Sobiech

Weronika Sobiech
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DIY: Nails Hardening Mask - made with shea butter, coconut butter, wild orange and eucalyptus essential oils

DIY: Nails Hardening Mask - made with shea butter, 10 drops coconut butter, 2 drops wild orange and 1 drop eucalyptus essential oils

10 Secrets I Learned at Makeup Artist School Lesson No. 6: Think opposites when it comes to color

10 Secrets I For blue eyes: Since orange is the opposite color of blue, anything with orange in it will make blue eyes stand out more. "It doesn't have to be a blazing sun color -- it just has to have orangey undertones like gold, apricot, or peach.

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Linda Hallberg in a mermaid makeup. putting the darkest color in the palette (aqua blue) at the inner corner of your eyes is usually against the law but this creates a mysterious majestic appearance that will make people look twice

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How to apply best eye makeup for blue eyes? If you have been blessed with beautiful blue eyes, then there are a number of excellent make up tricks and techniques that you can use to bring out the best.