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a hand holding up an open book with watercolor drawings on the pages and trees in the background
the trees! are in! the negative! love that use of negative space with the lush greens. and i like how there is no sky colored, just the skyline. wonderful borders all around
two different views of an old building and the same one is drawn in ink on paper
The story of my red lines and a summary of the development of my work 2007-2014 - Liz Steel
an artist's notebook with watercolors and paints on it
Your sketchbook is a safe place
Brenda Swenson: What is the Purpose of Art? - DANIEL SMITH "Sketching is a very broad term and I’m often asked, “What exactly is a sketch?” A sketch is anything I do in my sketchbook. Some people will disagree…that’s okay. Let’s face it the world is full of rules, laws, guidelines, restrictions, constrains… What I do in my sketchbooks is not defined or dictated by anyone but me (big smile). What happens in my sketchbook is my playground, my challenges, my success, my failures… my business. My sk