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a drawing of many different types of people
Pony Study 3 by Mondlichtkatze on DeviantArt
Pony Study 3 by katze-des-grauens
four different types of cartoon characters, one with pink hair and the other with blonde hair
a drawing of many different types of animals and plants in various poses, with one being drawn
Pony Study 10 by Mondlichtkatze on DeviantArt
some sketches from the animated movie my little pony
Drawing Reference #3: Different by Wilvarin-Liadon on DeviantArt
some drawings of horses laying on their stomachs and legs in different positions, with one horse looking at the camera
Anathomy Study #2 by PrettyShineGP on DeviantArt
an image of some sketches for the animated film's back legs, with different poses and
I'm using these
how to draw an adorable little bunny with easy step by step instructions
MLP Base: Cuddle by mewtwo-EX on DeviantArt