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an old photo of a woman in short shorts
i’m a hurricane
i’m a hurricane | Manic era, 2019.
a woman standing in front of a white background with her legs crossed and wearing tights
i’m a hurricane | new/old from manic era ✨ @tiredandlonelymuse
a collage of photos with people doing different things in them, and one woman is sitting on the floor
Halsey Manic
a woman sitting on the ground with her legs crossed and hands folded over her knees
Halsey Manic photoshoot
a woman with tattoos on her arm and hand over her face, posing for the camera
a woman posing with her legs crossed in front of her body and wearing sheer clothing
Halsey - Manic (2020)
a woman with tattoos sitting on the ground
a woman with long hair and tattoos sitting on the ground wearing sheer clothing, posing for a photo
Halsey - Badlands (2015)
the silhouettes of two people in front of a red and yellow background, one with her arms outstretched
a blurry photo of a person on a skateboard in the middle of motion
the silhouette of a woman is projected on a screen
a woman with long black hair and tattoos on her arms is looking up at the sky
Halsey - Badlands (2015)
a black and white photo of a woman's face with her eyes closed while wrapped in plastic
Halsey for Manic