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Orange is the New Black: "I like hot people." And Piper's brother. He's the best…

I actually love the the show acknowledges that Piper neither is straight nor gay but I would like if they would actually for once use other in the middle of the spectrum labels like bi or pan.

24 Pictures That Will Make Way Too Much Sense To Runners

Omg how accurate this was for me yesterday running lol my leg did start hurting especially my bad knee giving out . I wanted to go faster but my knee kept going out in me damn it lol 😂

This just about sums it up. Raise your hand if running has turned you into a #runhole!

No one hates the fact that I run more than my poor friends who I neglect for weeks and weeks while I train for marathons. SO let's poke fun at ourselves! Here are 20 reasons why friends and significant others who run are the worst.