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"Personal space" ( Norway Italy France Finland ) by Hansafan #polandball #countryball #flagball

Finland personal space looks just about perfect for me. Personal space ( Norway, Italy, France, Finland ) by Hansafan

Suomi headdress "kaarihuntu"

Kapelusz pełen nieba // A Hat Full of Sky

Finnish national costume | Orimattila

Again the stripes and shawl are typical of what I've seen when researching old Finnish dress. The cap over the hair is also recurring in some of the recent images I've looked at.

The looped square symbol has made an appearance in numerous ancient objects found in Northern Europe. In Finnish it's called Käpälikkö (pawform) or Hannunvaakuna (Saint John's Arms)....

Kantele is an ancient traditional Finnic plucked string instrument. Amongst Finnic people the instrument has been known by names such as Kantele, Kannel.

Online games for learning Finnish language

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