Warsaw, Poland: Unjustly Underrated

Warsaw, Poland is an unjustly underrated travel destination! See why it's one of my favorite European capitals and read my best travel tips.(Favorite List Tips)

Old train ticket office changed into pub and hipster meeting place, Warsaw

Pląsy w mieście czyli gdzie Warszawa bawi się latem / ranking - EXAMPLE.

Warsaw, Poland surprised us. When we decided to take a long layover in the city, we anticipated spending time working. However, we quickly became enamored by Warsaw and pushed our work aside to make the most of our stay in the city. The resilient history – from royal to uprising to rebuilding – provided an engaging storyline for our visit. By the end of our trip, we were completely dazzled by the city and already devising a plan for a return trip. To help other travelers enjoy the city like…

3-Day Warsaw Itinerary: A Sightseeing Guide

9 Essential Experiences in Warsaw

9 Essential Experiences in Warsaw

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Beautiful GREEN Warsaw Poland

Beautiful GREEN Warsaw Poland

OMG yessssss.   Warsaw University Library Roof Garden

Warsaw University Library Roof Garden

The Warsaw University Library was founded in linguist Samuel Linde became its first director. The library initially housed mostly theological and historical books, the collection was however.

Biblioteka Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego_Warsaw University Library

Biblioteka Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego (Biblioteka Uniwersytecka w Warszawie) - BUW / The Library of the University of Warsaw, Dobra Street, Powiśle, Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw University Library / #modern #libraries from around the world

37 modern libraries from around the world

20 mesmerising modern libraries from around the world Warsaw University Library, Poland Photos by Kamil Fortuna and Kim Davies.

Most Beautiful Churches in Warsaw

Church in Warsaw by Viktor Korostynski, via - An ornate High Baroque church with a uniquely Polish touch: the Black Madonna of Częstochowa. [aprilieo edit] went to see this church, it was so beautiful inside!

Warszawa (Warsaw), autor Emil Pieniak

~J Warszawa (Warsaw), autor Emil Pieniak