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*claps silently* best father I know... Deserves a Grammy... *pulls out shot gun*

*claps silently* best father I know. Deserves a Grammy. *pulls out shot gun* << *goes to gun shop* "Can i have a double barrel shotgun?

black butler gags - Google-søgning

Read Hey, Ciel, It's Me, Sebastian from the story Funny Black Butler Memes by FullmetalSurveycorp (Ganny is mah daddy) with 361 reads. I laughed.

Because us Potterheads always enjoy a good Twilight-bashing. You're welcome.

Well, it was implied… I guess we just had to point it out, as it took Twi-Hards years NOT to figure it out… Ah, silly Twi-Hards.

I'm just like England when this happens but if someone's around I'm like America >_<'

Kinda the difference between English and American curse words I saw when I as little…. >u>” BTW! Different Way of curse words

When they made Jesus speak Japanese: | 19 Tumblr Posts That Are Too Real For Anime Fans

and then Romeo-kun and Juliet-chan inevitably committed the seppuku. That is why I am pinning this. Fucking people these days.