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Ivan Ivchenko Lith print Slavich Unibrom 160 Handmade Developer

Ivan Ivchenko Lith Print Slavich Unibrom handmade developer

Dmitry Agafonkin Lith Print Old Unibrom. Homemade developer. Split toned Sepia & Gold

Dmitry Agafonkin Lith-print Old Unibrom in handmade developer HQ 30g/l SS 10g/l PB 20g/l NaOH 25g/l

Дмитрий Агафонкин

Dmitry Agafonkin Lith-print

Frosted Fishpond Fischenich - Warm Up 2010 The paper I really miss very much, the unique genuine Oriental New Seagull in the blue box. Omega-Lithprint

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Apple and Pears pinhole (zero image 4x5) lith version on PW15 It is not a typical Polywarmtone lithprint. What I wanted to achieve was: a reddish hue, a little more grain as usual with this paper and pronounced deep shadows with a clear separation to the neighbouring zones. All in all not easy with such a high contrast negative. It needs a lot of overexposure for the highlights – bad for the shades. That is why I played with a 3-bath development.