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i love this scene :: shout to the leaf raincap homies. :: #myneighbortotoro

Last year, we may or may not have ruined your childhood with this list 10 Bizarre Kiddie Cartoon Conspiracy Theories. But people are resilient, and the capacity for the denizens of the Internet to churn out more conspiracy theories is endless.

Chihiro & the Paper Planes | Spirited Away | Miyazaki | Studio Ghibli | (gif)

Chihiro and the attacking paper planes - Spirited Away - Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli Designs - Created by Danny Haas

Studio Ghibli Designs - Created by Danny Haas I love this design so much! I just got a shirt of a bunch of Studio Ghibli symbols, in a style very much like this, and it is one of the best purchases I've made in recent times.