The Hobbit Battle Of The Five Armies concept art from WETA Workshop - Artist: Nick Keller

Thurgrid Nuevededos by Ozakuya on DeviantArt

Berserkers are a rare caste of Dwarves, who work themselves into a towering rage before combat. These warriors disdain all notion of defense, thinking only of the unrelenting assaults for which they are legendary.

Concept Art for The Hobbit

Thrain's Prologue Armour Moria Gate Battle - The Hobbit, part I - A selection of concept design from the first installment of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Chronicles: Art and Design - The Art of Nick Keller

Concept art for Balin & Dwalin

Concept art for Balin and Dwalin from "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" Their representative color schemes (red for Balin and olive for Dwalin) are evident even in this early stage of development.

Mahakaman Defenders, Grafit Studio on ArtStation at

Mahakaman Defenders Brave armoured dwarves for the GWENT card game by CD Projekt Red by Grafit Studio Studio Voronezh, Russia