Vivian Francin

Vivian Francin

Vivian Francin
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Ibuki Mangaka - Haruka

Ibuki Mangaka - Haruka Bad Boys Is the Best

Diabolik Lovers ~Haunted dark bridal~, Sakamaki Subaru

hot anime guy stuck behind the glass; I can't remember his name but I'm pretty sure he is from Diabolik Lovers. His name is subaru-(jam)

Kanamefrom Vampire Knight.  Pureblood

Vampire: why hello~ me: what are you doing here! Vampire: well obviously stopping here for a bite. *he say stepping closer* ((im the girl someone be the vampire))

Kazuya, vergesslich, 153 jahre alt, dämon

(Open rp) I watched in pure awe as he unfurled his wings, "wish, what are you?" I asked taking a step closer. He sneered back, "you sure you really want to know sweet heart?"((I need someone to be him. RP anyone?