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Sherlock's pleased look at the end. *le sigh* No one can argue that they do love each other in their own way.

Are people making up dialogue in these memes? Because I don't remember an episode where Sherlock said he loved John.-but its adorable =)

"I’m glad you’re alive, you idiot."

anotherwellkeptsecret: “ “I’m glad you’re alive, you idiot.” Dedicated to seattleiloveyou because “I’m glad you’re alive, Samwise.


camillekaze: 30 Day Monster Boy Challenge Sherlock Edition: Day 14 - Ghost “Ah, John. How wonderful of you to join me…but how terrible that you’re here.

Watching it again now that I'm firmly JohnLocked, added such sadness to my fave episode and I think I might love it even more for that.

I'm not crying, something's just in my eye. Like a stick, or a branch. ---> Fandom, why do you hurt me this way?>>> let's all protect molly hooper