Bat for Lashes - by Karina Zyga (Vistingri)

Natasha Khan, better known as Bat for Lashes. Bat for Lashes

Kate Moss - by Karina Zyga (Vistingri)

Kate Moss - by Karina Zyga (Vistingri)

Grimes - by Karina Zyga (Vistingri)

Another work with my beloved Grimes (love her style too). Mixed media: watercolors, fineliner and black Letraset Promarker on paper.

Audrey Hepburn - by Karina Zyga (Vistingri)

Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, media: watercolors on paper.

Waiting for summer - by Karina Zyga (Vistingri)

Waiting for summer, media: watercolors on paper.

Ian Curtis - by Karina Zyga (Vistingri)

Ian Curtis (Joy Division) Media: watercolors on paper.

Message from Home - by Karina Zyga (Vistingri)

Message from Home. Media: pencil on paper.