Wojtek Łępa

Wojtek Łępa

Wojtek Łępa
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Silverware Chandelier - A kitchen truly isn't a kitchen until it has a Silverware Chandelier lighting it up. The Silverware Chandelier is handmade out of a variety of.

waiting for the next course

When throwing an Autumn inspired dinner party, juxtapose natural textures like rustic wooden dining chairs with elegant cutlery and tableware.

Beautiful soulful little girl:-)

(JPEG Image, 500 × 672 pixels)Childhood picture of Isadora Duncan, who is considered by many to be the creator of modern dance.

... by  Anton Surkov

Ukrainian photographer Anton Surkov creates a collection of perfectly timed black and white photographs. In the images, Surkov captures each unique jump, as clouds of white powder explode in the air around the remarkably fit, strong young models.