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Pietersite Rough

Chalcedony with embedded fibers of amphibole minerals with varying degrees of alteration.


Polished Pietersite The wonderful chatoyant effect of this pietersite specimen owes itself to the fibrous nature of the predominant mineral involved, crocidolite (asbestos). The appearance of fragmented (or brecciated) crocidolite is unique to pietersite.

Varuna D Jani, Cobweb Cuff

Varuna D Jani, Cobweb Cuff

The Three Petals Ring Custom Reserved for by mariagotijoyas

Size Ring: 8 mm wide Gold band in the bottom Oxidized Silver

May 2012 | The Carrotbox modern jewellery blog and shop — obsessed with rings

Contemporary Jewellery Design - nature ring inspired by winter landscapes // Jenny Laidlaw