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Violetta Kuzmicz
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Slendy is so comforting

(Brooke) But, Slendy u BEN will-(BEN) *blasts door open and tackles Slender off the bed* (Brooke) O,O. (BEN) *snuggled up to Brooke* (Brooke) *snuggles and stares at Slendy on the floor*

Creepypasta doodles by on @DeviantArt

Some Creepypasta doodles~ John Tyree The Heart Collector (c) Me Creepypastas (c) to rightful owners.

The Puppeteer Creepypasta by Toxicating-Love

Read Modo celoso ON: The Puppeteer from the story Creepypasta Needs The Type Of Girlfriend by (The Shadow Killer) with 882 reads.

Jason the toy maker vs Jeff the killer

Jason the toy maker vs Jeff the killer-- Jeff, honey, sometimes you get a tiny bit too stab-happy. You may need to start considering who your victims are gonna be.>>> Dont stab ppl with fluffy coats kids