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A week’s worth of groceries around the world… very interesting

A week’s worth of groceries around the world… Exercise in cultural awareness. So interesting! This actually is interesting, although my week of groceries is NOT like the USA pic shown! So many of us forget how thankful we should be!

because seriously ladies...advertisers use us to sensualize these products. Check out this satirical advertising campaign. The items are not for sale, the purpose of the image is to show the difference between how 1st world consumers look at products and what they might mean to other parts of the world. By Cordaid. Designed by Saatchi & Saatchi. Posted by Criatives.

Check out this satirical advertising campaign for the Charity Cordaid. The items are not for sale. The purpose of the advert is to highlight the difference between how consumers in the Western World look at material products. Oh the shame of it.


Infografica che mette a confronto tre differenti generazioni riguardo all'utilizzo dei mass media e di internet - How 3 Different Generations Use The Internet - Edudemic. Yep, knowing generations and their differences is important!

(1 of 9) How Women Are Portrayed on Screen in the Top 500 Films  1. 30.8% of speaking characters are women. 2. 28.8% of women wore sexually revealing clothes, as opposed to 7.0% of men. 3. 26.2$ of women actors get partially naked, while 9.4% of men do. 4. 10.7% of movies featured a balanced cast where half of the characters are female... [click on this image to find a short video and analysis of sexual objectification in the media] Sources on slide 9.

“ How Women Are Portrayed in the Top 500 Films New York Film Academy’s study of gender inequality in the film industry.