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There will always be a woman to put a badass guy in there place. Lmao, deal with it guys! hahaha with their BADASS GIRLS :)

Jean x Marco

When needing to pray for the Lord while driving. Trust Freckled Jesus to be there to take the wheel.

Fukin levi

XD I have a Levi action figure and he is chilln at the top of my fan. It's turned off for now Levi~ what." Nothing >:)))))>>>I'm not even in this fandom but this is fucking funny!

Armin, Levi, Mikasa, and Eren. Just look at their faces... XD

Armin looks embarrassed, Levi looks content, Mikasa looks like she's so done, and Erin looks like he thinks he's killing titans with his fabulous moves I cant get over Levis face omg XD