I love this! I dont care what sexuality you are or if your transgender or whatever. If you treat me and my friends with respect then ill do the same. But if you do something that hurts me and my friends In any way then stuff if going to be said. I dont care about your sexuality or anything just be nice!

This is a short description of what each LGBT member likes. They are all standing in front of their flag. However the bottom one (heterosexual) I think is wrong as I've seen it as just black and white horizontal strips.

Asexual, bisexual, homosexual, trasgender, pansexual. (I think--PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong!)

Asexual, bisexual, homosexual, trasgender, pansexual all people just respect love and be kind to others.

LGBTQ Flag Guide  I guess you could say i'm a "Lipstick Lesbian" but i think i'll just stick with the generic pride flag

"The Ultimate LGBTQ Flag Guide Gay Pride Bisexual Pride Pansexual Pride Asexual Pride Polamory Pride Transgender Pride Genderqueer Pride Intersex Pride Straight Allies Bear Brotherhood Lipstick Lesbians Leather Pride asexy-slice-of-ca.

Modern family funny quote

I need her in my life. Community Post: 17 Reasons Lily From "Modern Family" Is A Role Model To All Women

My teacher said she didn't believe in homosexuality LGBT funny whisper  OMG I LOVE THIS haha.

My teacher said she didn't believe in homosexuality. I stood up and screamed "Oh my god, I don't exist!" Before running out of the room.<<< this is hilarious, but at the same time really amazing<< I APPLAUD THIS PERSON

Oh my gosh, adorable!  This one's for my lesbian friends.  :D

Oh my gosh, adorable! This one's for my lesbian friends. :D (Ingredients Art Baking Soda)

Yessss I actually really like team rocket

james my feminine trans guy i love him ugh jesse my genderfluid god i love them

If you don't agree then unfollow me, I don't give a flying fuck. This is true and I refuse to deny it because it 'makes you uncomfortable'{I'm deleting all comments because honestly what the fuck is wrong with you asshats. It's too much for a non straight couple to want to kiss?}

gay girls true love cute lesbian couple relationship romantic romance lgbt lgbtq kisses cuddles and once again: cute af


LGBT - the difference between gay/lesbian/homosexual love and straight/heterosexual love - I'm sorry but I can't see the difference

Lgbt and everything in between

If any others of my queer comrades need a talk hit me up for a chat i will listen to vents about haters and reassure you of you epicness