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someone is holding a miniature clock in a wooden box that has gears and chains on it
Artist Encases Incredibly Detailed Miniature Worlds Inside Antique Pocket Watches
an info sheet with instructions for how to make a record player
209 Decoracion Imprimir Casas Miniaturas 2020 Check more at
four different views of an old fashioned typewriter with the same color as it appears to be green
Paperwork #4 - Graphikube
Máquina de escribir
an image of various objects that are in the shape of a record player and umbrella
Phonograph - Cut Out Postcard
Phonograph - Cut Out Postcard by Shook Photos, via Flickr
an old fashioned typewriter is shown with parts labeled in the top right hand corner
Printables for Historical Dolls!
Living A Doll's Life : Printables for Historical Dolls!
a tiny black dog sitting on top of a persons finger
Scottish Terrier ~ Miniature Pull-Along Toy ~ 5/6 Inch Long ~ Handmade 1:12 | #1757741460