Okrąglak Poznań

The Okraglak building, built between is an modernist style cylindrical building, Mielzynskiego Street, Poznan, Poland


Italy is next on my list, and I want to start with Rome! in Rome I will see the Colosseum


Tower of Pisa Absolutely amazing! I went inside the tower of pisa. You can feel the tower leaning.


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Cathedral authorities in Milan have come up with a clever way to hopefully raise thirty million dollars for the renovation. Adotta una guglia or "Adopt a spire.


Canals of Venice - been there and more fantastic than I ever imagined. I can say I took a gondola ride, drinking champagne in Venice. Ah, Venice.


Tremiti Islands, Italy Tremiti (Italian: Isole Tremiti) is an archipelago of the Adriatic Sea, north of the Gargano Peninsula.


Inspired the Cinderella Castle, Bavaria, Germany, the Neuschwanstein Castle! Loved it - only complete and absolutely amazing!