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Alberobello - Roteiro de 1 dia - Apulia, Italia
an old european village with thatched roofs and flowers on the windows, tables and chairs
an alley way with white buildings and orange pumpkins on the roof, surrounded by potted plants
Un giorno tra i trulli di Alberobello: il paese incantato delle Murge
an aerial view of a village with many buildings and thatched roof tops in the foreground
an old stone building with potted plants and flowers
Alberobello, Italy
an old stone building with several pots and shelves on the front door at night time
Alberobello, Italy
many tables and chairs with umbrellas in front of them
Alberobello, Puglia, Italia
a row of white houses with plants growing out of them
Alberobello, Puglia, Italy
a cobblestone street lined with white buildings and ivy growing on the roof tops
These Are the 10 Most Beautiful Towns in Puglia
Life's Best.
a row of thatched roof houses with plants in the foreground
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Un buongiorno speciale dai Trulli pugliesi :) Alberobello, Puglia - Italy #foodwine @paliotours