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an image of the story page for naruta, with two different characters in it
four different anime characters with their names in the same language, and one saying that they are
an anime character with long red hair and pink hair looking at the camera, text reads when you get so mad at the game you don't even rage you just stare at the screen like this
me playing tower of hell
tako i swear im not copying you this image just fit so well please dont take my family
an anime character with red hair and glasses looking at the camera text reads, i don't need to study ms looking at question 1
Fictional Characters
two men and a woman drinking wine together
a drawing of two people kissing each other
an image of two people kissing in front of some cartoon character heads and the words ghouli
a man sitting on the ground with his arm wrapped around him
an anime character is standing in front of two other characters and one has his hand on his hip
two men are eating food and drinking some beer while looking at each other's eyes
two people dressed in black and gold, one is holding the other's hand
a drawing of some people eating food together