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Tony looks so proud. “I made my son happy. I impressed him. I want to adopt Peter!

I am... Very emotional right now

He did all of that because Tony has been stranded and cold. Say what you want about Tony but he's a good guy.<< and the parachute cuz rhodey and pepper fell, if he cant catch him, tony will make damn sure peter falls safely

Fuck Logic. Why do they so much hate him?

I agree with most of it, but T'Challa is the only one who apologized for attacking the wrong man and he is also the only one who tries to make amends for it. And Pietro literaly died to save a man he barely knew and kid, I think we can cut him some slack.

Where did you get this confidence in humanity?

Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark in Iron Man, Iron Man Iron Man 3 and Civil War

FrUk Paradise

FrUk Paradise

Anyone who says anxiety is an excuse can go shove their shitty opinion up their ass. That's like telling a cancer patient their chemo is just an excuse for not doing things. IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY.

shut the fuck up about anxiety is an excuse bc it's fucking not okay? people actually suffer and actually have to stay home or not do things because they actually fucking can't due to their fucking mental illness.

Rome was built on ruins and its breathtaking so why can't you

Rome was built on ruins and its breathtaking so why can't you