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TOTALNY BURGER KING Z BATATÓW I CIECIERZYCY // sweet potato chickpea vegan burger

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Grow your own garlic indoors

You can regrow garlic sprouts from a single garlic clove. Just place the garlic cloves in a small cup with a little water and let it grow. The garlic sprouts have gentle flavor than garlic and can be added to pasta, salads and other dishes.

Plastikowe butelki

Plastic Bottle Vertical Garden: And on the super green end of the spectrum, you can use turn plastic bottles into an awesome sustainable vertical garden. (via Rosenbaum) How have you repurposed plastic bottles?

recycled pallet raised bed garden.

(herb garden idea) Got Pallets? Don't feel like turning up a bunch of grass? Use a pallet as a garden bed - staple garden cloth on the backside of the pallet fill with dirt and start growing! Courtesy of: Backyard Diva


Turn old newspaper into seedling pots. They can be planted directly into the ground as the paper will eventually biodegrade. You can form them by wrapping the paper around a jam jar or similar, or there are 'devices' that can be bought to make the pots.

mała szklarnia :)

DIY Mini Green House: use a trimmed, clean, upturned drink bottle to generate humidity while raising seeds. Once the seeds have sprouted (time range varies), transfer to the outdoor university garden!


5 Gal bucket wrapped in burlap held in place by twine - interesting planter idea Thin king this could be really cute in oil cloth as well. Think I found a solution for the bazillion 6 gallon buckets I have ion my deck trying to grow tomatoes.