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a close up of a person with tattoos and piercings on his head, wearing a blue uniform
Ascendant Midas <3
Taken by me on the BR island! :P (If you wanna support me, please consider using code 'alexipresume' in the Fortnite item shop! # EpicPartner)
a drawing of a shirtless man with his hand on his forehead
toji fushiguro | from #jujutsukaisen / jjk ! ﹫ameamezou ᴏɴ 𝕏
People, Sigma Male, Pretty, Icon, Art Memes, Quick, Fortnight
Anime Guys, Anime, Anime Cat, Chibi
a painting of a man with a bird on his head
three people with their faces drawn in black and white, one has his mouth open
two men in black vests and white shirts, one with tattoos on his neck
Midas and Montague (fortnite) fanart || art by me (Axesoule)
You can repost, WITH PROPER CREDITS (social users, link to acc, etc!). No tracing or copying of my artworks. See more in bio.
a painting of a man sitting on a chair with his hands in his pockets and wearing gloves
a drawing of a man with horns on his head and gold armor, smiling at the camera
Ascendant Midas