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I'm in between J and P with a leaning towards J, but this is solo me it hurts.

The introverted Thinking (Ti) function has reasons, but extroverted iNtuition (Ne) wants new patterns to explore, rather than actually doing stuff.

MBTI in Real Life - INTP's brain. HAHAHAHAHA the accuracy of this! All the INTP's have seen the error in the text too! And are wondering just what type it was that put readed.

MBTI in Real Life - INTP's brain. If you haven't taken the Myers-Briggs test yet, try it. And yes this is me and my brain in a nutshell. The annoying thing about being an INTP personality type is that your brains simply can't shut up and take a break.

When I first saw this I just answered each box without knowing it was mbti related and then when I landed on INTJ I was like

I like this, nice to see some bad traits for a change -- but it REALLY drops the ball on INTP. I mean -- these are supposed to be BAD things, aren't they?