Krzesło "Płucka" (Maria Chomentowska)

krzesło ze sklejki ‚płucka’, proj. maria chomentoeska, fot. piotr ligier

Magda Jurek's "Maria S.C." lamp  is an elegant, modernist-inspired chandelier made of test tubes that can be filled up with plain or coloured water, or even plants, to create one's own custom version. Photo courtesy of Magda Jurek

What a great idea! Maria SC Single Test Tubes Lamp by Pani Jurek chandeliers

Piotr Kuchciński, "Xeon X18" shelf, 2004. From the album 'Polish Design: Uncut – Best of 21st-century Design'. Photo: Przemek Szuba /

Piotr Kuchciński, "Xeon shelf, From the album 'Polish Design: Uncut – Best of Design'. Photo: Przemek Szuba / www.

Jan Lutyk, "Ribbon" stool. Photo by IAM

Ribbon Stool takes an innovative approach to a traditional material – plywood. The organic form results from the behaviour of the material. Although it appears to be composed of a single ‘ribbon’ of plywood, three identical legs in fact make up the seat.

Moho Design, Mohohej! Dia, carpet, photo: press materials  Read more:

Designed by Magdalena Lubinska and Michal Kopaniszyn, the DIA rugs are absolutely beautiful -- like colorful floor doilies.