Juliusz Kubel, a well-known writer and art critic, enchanted by the artist’s paintings, said: ‘Your works perfectly combine the lasting and changing aspects of life. The mixture of excellent composition and universal metaphors, together with attention to detail and vibrant light, the combination of specific realism and the impressionist nerve, make your paintings exceptional'.
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Agnieszka Słodkowska "Wieczór", olej na płótnie, 90 x 70cm

Agnieszka Słodkowska, "Fishermen", olej na płótnie, 80x 120cm

Agnieszka Słodkowska, "W kuchni", olej na płótnie, 30 x 50 cm

Agnieszka Słodkowska, olej na płótnie

Agnieszka Słodkowska "Morning" 73x100cm

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