Vanessa Agolli
Vanessa Agolli
Vanessa Agolli

Vanessa Agolli

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Maia Mitchell - Ugh why is she so pretty. :) Hair is amazing!

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He'd seen her everyday- the blind girl sitting on the edge of the street. And today? He decided to stop watching. "Hey… Mind if I sit? I have a song to play for you..."

hummingbird - <-- I think you mean "song"bird, because that's not a hummingbird. Though, this would be cute as a hummingbird

Music always let my soul come out and as a musical theatre actress, I relate and act to music. I love musicality and full of character.

Adults Say Teenage Love Is Stupid And Full Of Rubbish...What Nonsense! Adult

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"She slapped me." "And?" "Well, and then she kissed me."

Why does Dylan Sprouse remind me of Justin Bieber in this pic?o_O