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Green Tea Cake Roll | ohsweetday /4 cup cake flour2 tablespoons matcha powder1/2 teaspoon baking powder4 large eggs, separated3/4 cup granulated sugar2 tablespoons milkGreen Tea Whipped Cream1 cup whipping heavy2 tablespoons powdered sugar2 teaspoons matcha powder

This Green Tea Cake Roll recipe is so easy to make, and it's fabulous for Spring parties and potlucks. The cake roll itself is just a few ingredients, and the green tea whipped cream filling is so easy to make.

This Szechuan eggplant recipe is a delicious semi-dry spicy eggplant dish that's inspired by the cuisine of Szechuan province in China. Step by step recipe.

Schezwan Eggplant (haven& made it) Very quick, eggplant with a sticky and spicy glaze on it. I& curious if this could be made slightly lighter by baking the eggplant rather than frying it in the first step.