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an outdoor fireplace with firewood in the middle and plates on the table next to it
67 Creative Outdoor Fireplace Designs for Men in 2024
an old stone building with wooden doors and windows
Penamacor House by Pedro Silva, Portugal
a modern house sits on the edge of a grassy field
Texas Modern Ranch with Sophisticated Finishes and a Casual Elegance
a set of stairs sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a stone wall
Gallery of Art Barn / Thomas Randall-Page - 30
a tall building with two windows on the side of it's face and grass in front of it
Projects Wanted - Musical Studies Center, by Ensamble Studio
the instagram page shows an image of a house and its front door, which is surrounded by greenery
The Most Dangerous Tumblr In The World
the instagram page for instagram com shows an image of a living room with wood floors
Le parquet clair, c'est le nouveau hit d'intérieur pour 2021!
a red fire hydrant sitting in front of a white wall with squares on it
grey version for toilet walls
an empty room with a skylight in the center and sand on the floor below
Mamilla Residence | Matti Rosenshine Architects | Archinect
an outdoor dining area with wooden flooring and concrete walls
Бетонный дом в Швейцарии, 190 м²