Aronia Berry Oatmeal Cookies

Recipe for aronia berry cookies - b. organic - I can make these by drying out my black chokeberries in the fall and using them in this recipe!

Aronia Cheesecake Bites

Aroniaberry Cheesecake Bites is an aronia berry (chokeberry) recipe made from Superberries Aroniaberry Concentrate.

Aronia Açai Blueberry Anti-Aging Smoothie

Hey friends, here's my all-time favorite recipe for the "Fountain of Youth Smoothie" Enjoy!

Aronia Berry Pear Crisp

Pilgrim's Cranberry-Peach Cobbler~ Classic Yellow Cake Mix, cranberry sauce and peach pie filling come together for this tasty treat!

Make a gorgeous purple dye from aronia berries

Natural Dyeing with Black Chokeberries, or Aronia Berries

Natural dyeing with urban edible landscaping plant, chokeberries (aronia). What an awesome vibrant violet! Too bad my berries are already spoken for!

Chokeberry and Kephir Smoothie

Cooking Recipes: Chokeberry aka Black Aronia and Kephir Smoothie Recipe

Black Chokeberry Soda

Black Chokeberry Soda - Black chokeberry soda, berry parfait & penne with dandelion pesto.