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Panna BardzoDoslowna

Panna BardzoDoslowna
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I think my eyes are the Earth ones. Actually it's the first time that I like their coulour ^^

I'm probably the top iris color, and the best person in the world (soul mate) has the very bottom iris color.

I laughed too much because look at that little eren's face over there..... XD Also the song suits perfectly....

Imagine if the colossal titan and Miley Cyrus switched placed.Miley would have kicked threw the wall, the serve Corps would hate her and Eren Yeager would try and kill her.

Dazai x Chuuya

This just shows how Chuuya can't live without Dazai, but the the same can't be said for Dazai. I better stop, the angst is eating me alive.

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