Urszula Iwaniuk

Urszula Iwaniuk

Urszula Iwaniuk
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To be successful as a nurse, you must master important nursing concepts. If you understand these 8 concepts you'll be on your way to passing your NCLEX!

8 Important Concepts Maslow's hierarchy - Delegation - Priority - Therapeutic communication - blood flow through the heart - ADPIE


Vocabulary for types of breathing masks: interpreters in healthcare and emergency settings to know, especially in ASL situations.

Diabetes Symptoms: Hyperglycemia vs. Hypoglycemia

Reverse Type 2 Diabetes with physical activity and weight loss. The exercise can prevent or delay diabetes type 2 among other positive effects.

registered nurse - http://www.medicalfieldcareeroptions.com/howtobecomeanadvancedpracticeregisterednurse.php

Requirements for Nursing: What do you need to know before embarking on a career in nursing? & infographic tells you the general requirements for nursing and the prospects after completing your education and training.

Plan Your Nursing Career Path. Plaza Personnel Service Medical Staffing Agency.   A permanent placement employment Agency.

Plan Your Nursing Career Path (They don't factor in the 1 to 2 years of pre-requisite courses for all of these programs, but it looks fairly accurate. It some states, nurses can make more or a little less than this.