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Pianist problems haha...the vocalist

I'm a pianist, string player, AND was in choir for some time. I can say I've definitely done the pianist×pianist and pianist×wind players one

Absolutely true

I need this for when I have to change between trombone 1 / euphonium / sometimes even trombone 2 parts!

Yeah. I can spend hours playing my lovely instrument

So true. If I've had a bad day I just go play piano for a while and even if the bad things in life don't change playing piano changes my perspective ab the bad things

The worst...

especially when you don't have an electric piano. :/ lol << even worse when you want to practice your brass instrument. You'll get death threats lol


Imagine a cello playing this. On the bass clef of course but is it even possible? it's still 6 ledger lines above a treble clef even if it's on bass clef