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Jensen  Ackles ,  Jared  Padalecki  &  Misha  Collins  ♡

Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins Entertainment Weekly Special Hallowen 2017 photoshoot

Such an amazing ending. Well done Not-Kripke!

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Dean is always the one with the kids, Sam is better at speaking to the adults so they answer questions, but Dean can talk to the kids. But you don't get it, he practically raised Sam since he was 4, he was always the one to give him dinner & tuck him in, he was the one who stayed home to take care of Sam when their dad was out hunting. This is why Sam never saw eye to eye with their dad, not just because they never got along, but cause he was never a dad to him. Dean was his brother and…

Dean and Kids.always makes my heart melt he is such a father figure. it makes sense though considering he was a father figure to Sam growing up.

This is how they got him back in the dungeon. I'm positive.

Even tho I didn't like this scene in Soul Survivor (and I definitely don't like the fact that Demon Dean was only 3 episodes) I think this GIF art by castielssexappeal is really cool, so it deserves to be pinned.

Supernatural Sky by ~chunkymacaroni on deviantART

From OP -->Hey Supernatural fans! I have started a Supernatural group board called "Wayward sons on Team Free Will" If you wanna join leave a comment!

Supernatural Demon Dean Angel Sam this hurts. It was supposed to be the other way around and I still didn't like that

Supernatural Demon Dean Angel Sam <--- pretty sure that's Lucifer Sam . Isn't that the outfit he was wearing in the episode where Dean was sent to a version of the future where Sam says yes to being his vessel ?