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succulents with text overlay how to grow beautiful succulents
How to grow beautiful succulents
Succulents can survive long periods without water because they store it in their leaves and stems. In the desert, succulents usually have a large root system that reaches deep into the ground so it can get as much water as possible.
the words, why you need a design for a successful edible landscape are shown in three different pictures
Edible & Medicinal Garden Design
Can’t get enough of these ideas for a successful edible landscape. Pro advice that makes total sense.
the best spring blooming flowers for your garden
Bloomin' Beauties Early Spring Flowers to Make Your Garden POP!
Who says you have to wait for warmer weather to enjoy flowers? Explore our list of early blooming plants, complete with tips for healthy growth. Click here to kickstart your spring garden and enjoy blooms sooner!
a greenhouse with text overlay that says what to look for in a compact greenhouse
Can I grow tomatoes in a greenhouse? FAQs and tips
What to look for in a small greenhouse with Tomato Dirt #HomeGarden #Tomatoes #Greenhouse
potted flowers for your patio with the title overlay that reads, flower ideas potted flowers for your patio create an outdoor oasis
Potted Flowers for Patio Ideas 🌼 Patio Flower Arrangements & Potted Plants
Enhance your patio with vibrant potted flowers! Whether your patio gets full sun, partial sun, or shade, there are plenty of options to choose from. Explore these ideas for potted flowers to design a beautiful and inviting outdoor space. From bright and sun-loving blooms to lush shade plants, find the perfect potted flowers to complement your patio design. Whether you're looking for colorful annuals or low-maintenance perennials, these potted flower ideas will help you create the patio of your d
purple petunias with text overlay how to keep petunias blooming
The Secret to Fuller Petunias: Pinching Back!
Discover the secrets to keeping your petunias lush and blooming! Learn how to pinch back petunias for fuller growth and long-lasting beauty. Read now for essential petunia care tips!
various vegetables with the words top cool - season veggie varieties to grow this fall
Top Cool-Season Veggie Varieties for the Fall Garden
It's time to plan for the fall garden once again! Cabbage, broccoli, peas, bok choy, garlic, and more... Come see our tried-and-true cool season favorites, new-to-us varieties we’re excited to try, and fall gardening tips along the way. #fallgarden #gardening #gardentips
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55 Gorgeous Blue Succulent With Names And Pictures
a blue pumpkin growing in the garden with text overlay that reads 5 tips to grow more zucchini
Master the Art of Growing Zucchini
Ever found yourself overwhelmed by the sheer amount of zucchini from your garden? Don't let your bountiful harvest go to waste – learn how to maximize your yield with our 5 expert tips! From understanding the right conditions for growth to knowing when to plant, we'll guide you through all the essential steps. Unlock your zucchini-growing potential and enjoy an abundant garden year-round. Learn how today!
a potted plant with the words how to use a moss pole for houseplants
How to Use a Moss Pole for Your Plants in 4 Easy Steps!
Moss poles (or coco coir poles) are a great tool to help your indoor climbing plants grow and climb like they would in nature. Click to find out how to use a moss pole for your plants.
tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables are featured in this postcard for tomatiotees
Tomatoes are One of the Easiest Vegetables to Grow
Tomatoes are one of the easiest vegetables to grow with Tomato Dirt #GrowTomatoes #GrowVegetables #BeginnerGarden
an image of some plants and fruits in the garden with text overlay that reads expert tips for a great garden
🌱 Garden Tips & Tricks: Fun & Easy 🎉
Ready for a green thumb adventure? Our Garden Tips & Advice will make your garden the talk of the town! Learn how to grow the juiciest veggies and create a homestead that thrives. Don't wait any longer – get growing!
the words spring garden supper are in front of pink flowers and an outdoor dining table
Springtime Garden Supper
Dinner in the garden with blooming azaleas. Blog post includes recipes!
Collage photos of different indoor plants on moss poles. Text on image: 14 easy indoor climbing plants. Mod and mint dot com. Indoor Climbing Plant Support Ideas, Indoor Jungle Living Room, Climbing Indoor Plants, Pothos Climbing Ideas, Climbing House Plants, Gnats In House Plants, Cat Safe House Plants, Spilled Flower Pot, Pet Friendly House Plants
14 Indoor Climbing Plants to Grow on Moss Poles
Discover 14 awesome indoor climbing houseplants! These plants aren’t just happy on the ground, they love climbing and bringing a jungle vibe to your home.
Blue upside down bottle watering a mini monstera plant. Text on image: How to water house plants while away on vacation. Mod and mint dot com. Water Plants While On Vacation, Upside Down Plants, Plant Watering System, Self Watering Plants, Plants In Bottles, Air Plants Care, Mint Plants
How to Water Plants While Away on Vacation
Upside down water bottles are one way to water your houseplants when you're away on vacation. Get the complete guide with all the ways on how to water your plants when you're not there.