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Perfect Underground Garage Design Made in Unique and Elegant Style: Powerful Rustic Style Home Living Room Underground Garage Design Yellow Car With Brick Wall Interior Decoration Ideas Finished


KRE house - “I want a 9 car garage and be able to enjoy viewing one of them in the living room.” Takuya Tsuchida designed exactly such a house, it has an elevator for one car from the garage to the living room.

Interesting house, not a fan of the neutral color scheme but interesting design elements here. Yeah, the car on the wall is a huge one. House in Nature by Design Raum

House in Nature by Design Raum

A car is "up cycled" to serve as ambient lighting and a bookshelf in this incredibly fun room design. House in Nature by Design Raum

This house has some of the coolest features I’ve ever seen, like the Jaguar hanging vertically on the wall. Yes, a real car on the wall being used as a bookshelf/cabinet – genius!

Dutch Mountain by denieuwegeneratie

The "Dutch Mountain" How's this for the ultimate wallpaper? Amsterdam-based design studio Denieuwegeneratie has hoisted a vintage Jaguar up the wall to serve as a bookshelf for a mountainside villa, itself an architectural and design marvel.

Holger Schubert's Ferrari 512 BBi "Boxer" is parked in the living room of his Brentwood home. Awesome.

Ferrari owner's dream garage grinds neighbors' gears

I decided to make this the first Pin to Home Decor as it is the ultimate in home decor. Look at this guy. Oh and the Ferrari he has in his living room / garage setup. Click the pic for more epic in house autos!

The Ultimate Garage

Need I say more except designed by TR Building & Remodeling Inc. Traditional Garage And Shed design by New York Design-build TR Building & Remodeling Inc. Traditional Garage And Shed design by New York Design-build TR[.

Beautiful. I love this idea! Classic F1 car, displayed as art, hanging on the wall :)

Just flipping through a magazine when... That is one way to display a classic F1 car.

Nice 'wall-art' vintage race car on the wall, a mini version would be great in the garage // Media » Ultimate Garages

What car? My husband can only see the garage! Fancy - Luxury Garage Environments by Garage Mahals