Hollyhocks, actually quite easy to grow and such a majestic scale!

Hollyhocks, I grew up with them and love them. If I ever have a little cottage type house, we must grow hollyhocks.

Mown path through field

I love this mown path through a wild flower meadow. How fab that would look as the area opposite the front of your house!

Mooie kleur en hoogte verschil

Beautiful use of ornamental grasses. Napa retreat, CA. Matthew Millman photo found in Georgiana Design

What is it about paths mown through long grass that makes them so enticing?

Marcus Barnett on Arcitectural Garden / A path cuts through a swathe of tall grasses in a Suffolk garden

Simple, elegant stone steps.

We created these simple steps using bluestone risers.the Oakleaf hydrangea and Lady Fern add some exuberance to the scene - Gardening Daily

Courtyard garden | Tom Stuart-Smith

Tom Stuart Smith's garden, the Barn. Part of the Serge Hill gardens that you can see as part of the National Garden Scheme. One of my favourites along with Julie and Tim Rice's garden.


Apple colour under the apple tree. ''last day of summer''. Now just need a book & some lemonade to make a perfect afternoon

clever use of the plant reflections in the pool

Again, nice water feature / plunge pool for Whiskey, would need to be slightly wider though.