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a young boy with blonde hair wearing a shirt and smiling at the camera in front of a gray background
6 Terribly Tragic Things You Didn’t Know About Kurt Cobain
a man with long hair wearing a white dress
kurt-cobain on Tumblr
a man with sunglasses and a hat on his head is holding something in his hand
a man with an eye patch on his nose wearing a christmas sweater and tinsel
Рафаэль Касимов
a man with long hair sitting down talking on a cell phone and looking at the camera
grunge on Tumblr
an old man holding up a cd in front of his face
a painting of jesus holding a heart in his hands
Saint de l'esprit des adolescents impression d'art illustration portrait peinture portrait - Etsy France
Caroline Dhavernas, Martin Guitars, Grunge Band
a man holding a baby in his arms
#Dazed93: Top Ten Cult Couples