Endless Chair (2010) by Dirk Van Der Kooij | One plastic string, made out of old refrigerators, crafted by a robot, into a chair. By combining different techniques, he was able to design an automated but very flexible process. He taught a robot his new craft, drawing furniture out of one endlessly long plastic string.

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TAIL LIGHT (2007) by Stuart Haygarth | Materials : Vehicle light lenses, acrylic boxes. The selected lenses are grouped by style and size and attached to acrylic boxes to form robotic structures. The light structures are hung from the ceiling and illuminated by one 60w fluorescent white tube. When the vehicle lenses are illuminated they are reminiscent of stained glass.

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Designed by Waël Seaiby | PLAG is a study in self sufficiency in the process of resourcing materials and making products through rigorous experimentation.

The Sea Chair by Studio SWINE | Sea Chair is made entirely from plastic recovered from our oceans. Together with local fishermen, Studio Swine collects and processes the marine plastic into a stool at sea.

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