Łukasz Grynda
Łukasz Grynda
Łukasz Grynda

Łukasz Grynda

Więcej pomysłów od użytkownika Łukasz

Lukáš Gavlovský – Dům a kadibudka

Making a figurine hand tutorial by sculptor101

SE x DC Quadangle BMX Bike Fluorescent Yellow 26in

einerundesache: Pic by Olli Wilhelm https://www.pinterest.com/wocycling/

I Feel Panic Just Watching These Suicidal Mountain Bikers Go

We've seen this a few hundred times now. Still as chilling as the first time.

Week in Review: Mountain Bike PODs.

Sweet mountain bike trail with epic view! Champery Ridge ~ Champery Via The Col Du Cou, French Alps

Love this singletrack (in Switzerland, Vierwaldstaettersee?)

on a bike no one ever asks "are we there yet".