A1. G3.0. Unidad 6. Regalos de cumple

Imágenes y recursos para la clase de ELE. Adolescentes
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Un vehículo mítico

LEGO Creator Volkswagen Camper Van 10220 - wow I want one for myself let alone the kids!

Cuaderno Tarjeta SIM

The SIMbook Notebook is data entry and storage in an old school sense, a notepad with a SIM card design emblazoned on the cover

Auriculares de Mariquitas

Auriculares de Mariquitas

Cojín Para Tomar Notas "Note Me"

Write and erase messages as often as you like on this cushion. All you need to do to erase it is rinse the cushion’s cover in cold water.

Videocámara para el Casco "Action Cam"

cool tech gadget the "orange Helmet Camera" to chart the mobile lifestyle

Imanes para Nevera "Fridgebook"

Fridgebook is Social Media on your fridge! Can't get enough of your favourite social networking site? With this fun, wipe clean magnet set you can recreate your homepge on your fridge.

Lápices Ecológicos

Lápices Ecológicos

Lámpara de Mesa Darth Vader de LEGO

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Desk Lamp – features a brilliant 12 LED lightsaber lamp.