Miniature Cabinet

Cape Cod Kitchen Cupboard w/ Drawers - this looks like it was made from salvaged windows and wood. Freestanding Display Cabinets - Bramble Co

This incredible brambly hedge.

41 Dollhouses That Will Make Wish You Were A Tiny Doll

Best dollhouse EVER! There is nothing cuter than teeny tiny things, with the exception of teeny tiny things IN A TREE. Maddie Chambers created this amazingly detailed and beautiful tree dollhouse she dubbed Mad’s Mouse House and it is something to see.

Speechless!!! Incredible....Rivendell. House of Elrond

From Lord of The Rings: Rivendell. House of Elrond ~ by scratchbuilt, 1000 hours+ of work ~

DIY Imitate Stone Fireplace

Need to do something of this sort to provide a division in the living space.face the fireplace toward the "kitchen" or "living room"?

A friend of my moms once made me a beautiful doll house. She was an art teacher, she and her students made it.

This Dollhouse Is Worth $8.5 Million. When You See What's Inside, You'll Know Why [STORY] (it-Astolat Dollhouse Castle - not seen this particular pic before)

The hand-made 'Astolat Dollhouse Castle' was designed and built over a period by Colorado-based miniature artist Elaine Diehl in the

Doll house

Mexican Doll House The small mansion, believed to be is a copy of a house which once stood in Puebla, was discovered in an antique shop in Puebla in the spring of 1977

Miniature Books --- Mansion Library Collection

Miniature Books --- Mansion Library Collection

& dollhouse without books is like a miniature room without windows!& Miniature books mansion library collection by L.