Biebrzański Park Narodowy

Bocian biały / White stork / Ciconia Ciconia - probably the most Polish of all the birds. of the world's white storks' population breed in Poland!

Rejs po jeziorach Mazurskich

Masurian Lakes are a wonder of nature indeed. The Lakeland of 4 thousand lakes is located in the north east Poland.

Zamek Ogrodzieniec na Szlaku Orlich Gniazd

"Castles and palaces. Legends about powerful kings and beautiful long-haired queens have a lot of fans. Medieval history lovers should definitely visit "The trail of the Eagles' Nests" in the Cracow-Częstochowa Upland (south Poland).

Dolina Chochołowska - Tatry wiosną

Dolina Chochołowska - Tatry wiosną

Bieszczady jesienią - Połonina Wetlińska

Bieszczady Mountains belong to the Carpathian Mountains range.

Puszcza Białowieska zimą

Wolves in Białowieża Forest / Adam Wajrak / Agencja Gazeta


The most popular place in Łódź is the main street - Piotrkowska. It's one of the longest streets in Poland and trading alleys in Europ.