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Credit: the-one-who-fights-and-writes
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How To Be Unreadable, Story Building Ideas, How To Manipulate Men, How To Shift, 2024 Relationship, Healing Gut, Things I Adore, Shifting Ideas, Menulis Novel
Manipulation Tactics To Look Out For - Mental Health Quotes
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How to Punctuate Dialogue
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Sometimes a sychological weakness can hurt others. I am currently writing a story where one of the characters has a psychological weakness that has caused him to hurt others in the past. There's nothing wrong with him morally, which is why he isolated himself in order to keep from hurting anyone else. His want. His Need however, is friendship.
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Woman Is Kicked Out Of Parents’ House On Her Birthday After Losing It When Everyone Gave Her Mom Luxurious Gifts And She Got Some Dishware Instead