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cardigan grunge jacket dark green knitted cardigan shoes sweater socks hair fall outfits knee high socks old school hairstyles back to school dress knit top coat green khaki oversized cardigan oversized sweater style green sweater

Fulani Tribe | the Fulani people of the Sahel

Wodaabe Man, Niger "Inyi casts a seductive glance at the young nomad girls attending the Geerewol festival [where Wodaabe men compete in tests of dance and beauty.]" Photographers Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher looks like akenahten

It's all about the sweater. Simple. Clean. Warm.Wonderful.

This is a super simple outfit that you can recreate if you have an oversized sweater, some tights and you favourite fall/winter colour boots! I have a sweater very similar to this from HM:) (it is grey though) but it is super similar! x DIVYA:)

♓★Lαɦjα σf ϯɦҽ Ɗʊɳҽɗαiɳ Character short storyline & traits +/- is an orphaned girl who knows her way through most parts of the forest. Axlαɳ has always been her guidance and mentor through the most important things in her life.